Sunday, March 15, 2015

Peek at my Week- St. Patrick's Day

Here's a peek into our week last week...
Between having my 2nd formal OTES observation, our Measure-thon, visits from our leprechaun, and our Writing Event, I can't believe the week is over!
It was SUCH a fun week, but shoo!!
We had our Black and White Tie Affair Writing Event that I posted about here.
It was simply magical.
While working in my room today I was thinking about the event and I still can't get over it!
We also celebrated our Measure-thon with an awards ceremony!
If you're working on a measurement unit or needing a refresher, I highly recommend this unit from Laura Santos.
We also used this adorable unit from Amy Lemons with our mentor text this week.
These little green kangaroos turned out so cute!
The kids also sequenced a chapter in the story using a flim strip craft from Amy's unit here.
We have another jam packed week ahead of us... and I just know that sneaky leprechaun will be up to his tricks and treats for his final week this year!
I was in my classroom today and saw he already left these crazy straws for tomorrow!
For our core ELA this week, we'll be using my Shamrocks and St. Patrick's Day unit.
If you've purchased this in the past, I updated this unit earlier this month with a 30 page update, and I'll be adding an Ireland close read tomorrow before the price increases from $4!
We'll be honing our writing skills with my How to Catch a Leprechaun writing pack.
The traps these kids devise is sometimes a little intimidating... I can't wait to see what they come up with this year!
Thursday and Friday this week we'll be reading all about Hubie and his friends from the Black Lagoon celebrating St. Patrick's Day!
(make sure you follow along, I'll be giving this unit away later this week!)
Of course, we'll be learning about viscosity this week in Science using a few videos and my Liquid Rainbow FREEBIE.
If you've downloaded this in the past, check out a few updates by re-downloading.
This year I needed 80 of these bad boys, so in efforts to save a few trees, I created a version of this journal that includes 4 copies on 1 page.
Here are a few of the videos we'll be using to coincide with our viscosity experiment.
(P.S. the typos in the below video drive my #teacherbrain crazy)

I've heard that our leprechaun may leave us another little surprise for our Fun Friday... ;)

   We're also having our first round in our Tournament of Books for 2015!!
 I'll be back tomorrow with more details and freebie labels for you!

   This week we are taking our alternative seating to the next level....
 ...and we're blasting off with our Math Facts Mission!
Have a marvelous Monday and I'll be back tomorrow to share a few FREEBIES with you!
Click below to head over to the linky at Mrs. Wills' spot and check out other visual plans!

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