Monday, February 23, 2015

Peek at our Week- Finishing our Black and White Tie Affair Writing!

After a 2 day week last week, these snow days and delays are really putting a damper on finishing our research for our Black and White Tie Affair!
We ARE going to get this finished this week, I've been dying to share pictures with you!
Click below to grab a copy of this week's plans.
Check out a preview of SOME of what's included in my newest Writing Event pack- this 192 page beauty is posted and discounted through today.
This is only *SOME* of what is included in this pack!
I've been asked about my Daily 5 and Math rotations.
Below are my Daily 5 rotations...
As you can see, I have 6 groups and only 4 rotations each day.
I have a set rotation schedule on M,W,F and then one for T, Th. in order for my kiddos to interact with each choice throughout the week.

My Math rotations are a little different. The groups change more frequently, sometimes even daily depending on student need.
My Math block is taught in small group rotations, and I am fortunate enough to have our Intervention Specialist in my room to team teach with me during this time.
During the Math Facts rotations, students begin with a 5 minute addition or subtraction facts competition, and then move to different stations to practice their facts and other skills.

That's our week! :)
Click below to check out other plans!

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