Sunday, February 1, 2015

Snowmen Book Study recap (and February giveaways!)


I'm stopping in on this snowy day in Ohio to bring you a peek at our Snowmen Studies from a few weeks ago! 
First, I have to share this fella who was completely cozy reading from his book box. I looked around the room during one of my Book Clubs and had to snap this photo!

Last Friday we were blessed with a fun entertainment break from the UpsideDown Productions Crew. They were uh-maze-ing and had EACH one of my kiddos completely hooked the entire half hour.
We all played a role the various songs and plays and were movin' and groovin' the entire time. I encourage you to check them out and schedule a visit! 
Before wrapping up our 2 digit addition unit, we had a little review challenge going on! 
In my 2nd grade class, each student had a dry erase board. We broke into 5 teams. Students had to try the problem on their own first, check in with their team, and then raise their hand when their team each had the correct response. The first team with the correct responses earned a point!
These slides include adding up to 4 two digit numbers, as well as word problems. Click below to grab a FREE copy!
 We also used a few online review games as well!
As part of our snowman week, we wrote an informative/explanatory writing all about how to build a snowman. This was our initial introduction to our week, and I love how shocked the kids are each year!
First, they are all pumped up that we will be reading and writing and building snowmen- ALL week long! When I tell them they'll be writing an informative/explanatory piece all about how to build a snowman, they giggle and laugh about how easy it will be.
THEN... we create a class how-to writing.
This was ours this year...
Needless to say we improved over the week using the materials and plans from my How to Build a Snowman pack!

 As our Reader's Workshop unfolded, we used my newly updated Snowmen Studies unit. This unit is completely based on the Snowmen at Night series by Caralyn Buehner.
I updated this pack this year to include the Reader's Notebook you see below. Each story has pre-reading, during-reading, and post-reading activities. The activities include text dependent questions, predictions, making inferences, responding to reading, comparing and contrasting, making connections, retelling and sequencing, determining the meaning of unknown words, and MUCH, much more!
 (The pictures show only the Reader's Notebook portion of the unit... the unit includes TONS of other activities as well!)

On the last day of our snowmen studies teachers had 1/2 day PD while we had substitutes in our room. Mine was lucky enough to make these sock snowmen with my class!!
The kids had a blast and there was rice everywhere! :)
To prep, I had placed all the materials (including rice in a bowl) at each table.
I'm sorry I don't have step-by-step pictures, but hopefully this makes sense! If you have any questions, leave them below.
Both of my Snowmen Packs can be found below!

Thanks for stopping by!
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