Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Peek at my Week-Dr. MLK, Jr.

Click below to check out other lesson plans for this week!
Now that I'm *somewhat* back in the swing of things... I figured I should get back to posting my plans!
Click below to head to my GoogleDrive to download a copy.
This week we are using my Dr. MLK, Jr. Unit that can be found here:
I'll be back later this week to update you on our progress with our biographies!
I shared this link on my Facebook page last week, but The History Channel has a fabulous page all about MLK, Jr. that I will be using throughout the week. Just click here.
I also wanted to let you know of a few updates to two of my products in my shop!
If you've purchased these in the past; or if you'd like to check them out now-click below!
My Snowmen Studies unit received an update with a Reader's Notebook that my kids loved.
(I'll share this in more detail this week!)

Also... my "How-to Build a Snowman" writing pack received a COMPLETE overhaul. There were pages added, and EVERY page received an update!
If you've purchased this in the past, be sure to download the updates for free by clicking below!


And... we're off!! :)

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