Sunday, October 5, 2014

Peek at my Week- Pumpkins Close Reading + Daily 5 and STOMP out Bullying FREEBIES

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It's pumpkin week!!!!
Seriously, who doesn't love fall?!
We're using my Pumpkins Close Reading Pack (coming soon- I'm working on bundling a few fall close reads together for you!).
Tomorrow is  World Day of Bullying Prevention... wear BLUE to show your support!
In honor of this day, I created this little writing activity that we will be doing tomorrow. Once the kids have written what they will do, we'll cut and glue onto blue construction paper to hang in the hallway.
Click below for this freebie! (There are several line options included for all learners)
Last week the kids loved working together in small groups with our Apples Close Reading .. here are a few pictures of their team work!
 In these photos, they were using their Chrome Books and the differentiated passages to determine the meaning of vocabulary words they had highlighted in the passage.

I *finally* feel like we MAY have settled into a schedule that works for us last week.
Yes, just last week.
The beginning of the year always seems like our schedule adjusts 150 times before it works.
Just like many of you, I have so many other teacher schedules to work with each day.
This year, out of the 18 kids in my room, I have 5 students pulled out for Title 1 services each day, 4 students who are serviced for IEP's and pulled out twice each day, 1 student who is receives ELL services 3 different times throughout the day, 3 students receiving speech services, 2 students who meet with our counselor once a week, and one student who is serviced by an outside counselor once each week.
(Did any of you sing that to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas, cuz I sure did!)
So... with that being said, last week we began our Guided Reading groups and I *think* we have our Daily 5 rotations down.
One of the very few things I do not follow closely with the 2 sisters in the Daily 5 program is the free choice.
I just can't this year!
It has nothing to do with me believing the kids can't do it- because I know they can. I've seen it!
It's just that this year we have so many schedules to work with, I have to make sure my kids are practicing the skills they really need each day and I'm meeting with them as much as possible.
So here's what I've come up with.
Just click below to see each day of the week.
If you're interested in a copy of your own, I made a few freebies you can grab! These are with and without read to a friend, with 3-5 rotations. Just click below to grab what works best for you.
Have a fantastic week!

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