Monday, September 7, 2015

#moveyourbusmonday Introduction + Part 1: Get on the BUS!

Hello everyone!
Welcome to the first #moveyourbusmonday Book Study post! 
Erica from The Inspired Teacher and I are thrilled to be kicking off our book study today. 
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Without further ado, let's #getthispartystarted


First of all, I love that the foreword is written by Sean Covey. I was previously aware that Ron Clark and FranklinCovey have been aligned for several years; however teaching at Leader in Me school, I appreciate that Ron Clark is aligned with the Leader in Me Transformation Process. Mr. Covey outlins Ron Clark's history as not only a remarkable businessman heading the multi million-dollar organization, The Ron Clark Academy, but as a world class educator. He also points out how this book is applicable to any business or organization, because this "insightful book is all about the pursuit of excellence, in whatever role you may play." 

Introduction: What does a bus have to do with my business?
Part 1: Get on the Bus

I had the pleasure of (actively) listening to Ron Clark in the Spring of this year. 
If you've never had the #ronclarkexperience I IMPLORE you to seek him out!
As soon as I began reading the introduction of the book, he already had me laughing. Seriously, think about how insanely busy Ron Clark is.... and then read his comparison of being "busier than a centipede at a toe-counting contest"- hilarious! 
Moving further into the introduction, Ron briefly outlines his motivation for wanting to effect change within the organizations we take part in. 
One of the reasons I love that Ron Clark discusses how the methods he uses at his school can be implemented into fortune 500 companies, or any company for that matter, is because this can CHANGE the perspective of educators.  
We all know that as teachers we don't always get the best reputation.... or the most support. 
It's an intriguing idea that we, as educators, impact the business world as well. 
The same methodologies and practices we use can revolutionize a FORTUNE 500 company. 

If you've never heard the analogy of the bus, Ron outlines the analogy here in the introduction.
Here's the run down:
The bus represents your business, specifically the goals and achievements you hope to reach as an organization. 
Your bus has no gas and no gas tank. Your energy is being fueled by the people on your team, including YOU.
If everyone performed at the top of their game, success is inevitable. 
Of course, not everyone works at the top of their game. 
There are Runners, Joggers, Walkers, Riders, and Drivers. 
Each chapter will begin with a short fable about how these Runners, Joggers, Walkers, Riders, and Drivers think about their jobs and how they interact with one another in their efforts to move the bus. 

The introduction and segway into Part 1 get me pumped to #movemybus and excited to read on to find out just how I can help effect change in myself and my school. #buckleup and let's "get ready for our first ride on the bus!"

I can't wait to read your thoughts on the introduction and to read Chapter 1 for next week!
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