Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Made It- Planners!

Heeeeeeelllooooooo, friends!!
I'm linking up with Tara for my first #mondaymadeit post of the summer.
So, my first #mondaymadeit HAS to be that, (GASP!) I made it back to my blog!
Stop the presses!
Yup, I'm blogging.
I think...
I'm blogging, right?!
I think I remember how this works ;)
I *hope* you've been keeping up with me on Faceboook, Instagram, Pinterest, or my NEWEST obsession Periscope (Second Grade Sizzle)!
To get all #reallife on you... I simply haven't had time to blog.
Aside from switching districts, moving to second grade, and purchasing my first home...
I'm also now a Ms. instead of a Mrs. (whomp, whomp)
Naturally, I've had to take some time for myself and my son this year and just haven't created or blogged much.
I'm *starting* to feel like myself again.
Slowly but surely my little guy and I are finding our new normal and taking time together to #justkeepswimming
I'm sorry about the #reallifedowner but I felt like I needed to give you a little explanation of where I've been this year and why I may be absent from time to time on here. Definitely follow me on the other social media outlets- they are so much fun and easy to just send a quick update!
I've been working hard on the planners that so many of you have requested!
Here's a preview of my newest upload- a Bee theme.
I've also recently added the light Flowers planner that I'm *swooning* over!
you can check out my Floral Planner that includes everything shown in the above preview here:
I'm working on your requests for the following planners and hope to have them finished within the next week:
Black with Brights
Red/Yellow Polka Dots
All 3 of my planners are slashed to $4.80 (save 20%) through tomorrow!
The rest I'll post at 20% off, so be sure to follow me on TpT and my other social media for those notifications.
Next up..
#totes un-school related...
but I did make him! :)
It's that time of year again!
Jace will be 3 on the 27th this month- can you believe it?!
I love creating his invites and little info sheet each year. :)
(Sorry for the fuzzy photo, I just snagged this from FB)
That's all I have today! If you watched my #periscope yesterday, I shared about Google Classroom 101 and told you I'd be posting it on my blog. Look for that tomorrow!


  1. I love those Bee sayings- like Bee Awesome!

    My Bright Blue House

    1. Thank you! I love adding little quote pages to the planners!

  2. I love the binders! I, too, need to get back to my blog. Life happens. Thanks for the push to get going already:-)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Stephanie! Girl, if I can do it... you can too!! :) We're in this together!