Friday, July 11, 2014

Five for Friday!

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I've been able to work in my classroom this week and it's been SO exciting to see things START to come together.
I know, I know.
That burned your eyes a little to read that. ;)
You don't have to tell me. 
Buuutttt... because we're moving, getting a new babysitter, changing grade levels, ya know- changing every aspect of our lives in 1 1/2 months, I NEED to get my classroom set up now.
So here we go!
(please forgive my horrible lighting and cell phone pics. I promise I'll take better ones when my room is finished!)
Yup, you read that right!
This 4 pack of plain corkboards sells for $6, but I got them for cheap because I had a 50% off coupon!
(I'm rounding to whole numbers here, friends. Have to keep the Math skills sharp over summer!)
The blue boards I painted with blue glitter paint, added green glitter polka dots, and then hot glued ribbon and buttons on top.
The gray chevron is leftover fabric.
 I just wrapped the board like a present and used my hot glue gun! 
LOVE these on my lime wall! 
Decorative ribbon goes a long way to cutsie things up a bit!
Notice my fabric banners hanging in the windows?!
By the way, have you been to the the Dollar Tree yet?
 This new sign from Michaels looks great in my desk area!
The blue dry erase board was on clearance for $2 at Jo Ann's and I added the stickers on top.
My homework club display is hanging underneath.
Those green hooks are where my hall passes will hang
Last year I had red and bright green crates with the toppers on the left for my crate seats.
I ditched the green and red and bought all teal/blue crates from Target last week.
I also recovered my seats and added my table skirt to my reading table.
 Here's what my room looked like when I left today!
I'm working on finishing my décor pack for my new classroom theme!
There are SO MANY different ways I have included these can be arranged or displayed!
There are 57 (YES, REALLY!) classroom jobs included in this set, and again- so many ways to display these and I've included several ideas in this set.
My goal is to create things that work in my classroom, but to also let the product be versatile for you and fit your needs as well.
These color word posters come in 3 sizes!
Print them for your bulletin board, or print the smaller size and put them on a ring as a reference tool!

Finally, a new number line!
 If you're my friend on facebook, you've been seeing the giveaways and discounts on these products! Make sure you are a follower, I'll be giving away several copies of this completed set next week!
Stay tuned for a freebie coming this weekend-you don't want to miss it! :)

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