Friday, July 4, 2014

Five for Friday!

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Happy 4th of July!
Let's celebrate!
Enjoy 10% off everything in my TpT shop!
I was able to work in my classroom a little this week.
Here's what my room looked like after Day 1!
I swear there's a little progress! :)

The bins in the bottom of the cubbies will be used for book bins.
Just missing the labels I need to print and laminate!
I had to run back to the store and snag a few more blue bins yesterday- so glad I found them! :)
I've taught K for 4 years, so I've never had to use my chapter book library.
This weekend (in between all of the family fun we have planned!) I'm hoping to start leveling my books so I can add them to my bins next week.
I've heard there are great apps for this....
Do you have any website or app recommendations for me?
Houston, we have a PROBLEM.
MY 1st grade teacher retired this year and gave me these wonderful mailboxes (how cool is THAT?!)But... here's the problem.
I thought they would fit under my cabinets here:
They apparently have other plans.
They won't fit! Ahh...
This brings me to set them here and I hate the windows being blocked!
So... what do YOU use for classroom mailboxes?!
Help a sista out! :)
All 4 years of K, I've had a HUGE classroom rug that I (well my hubby and my dad) have had to roll up and lug out of my classroom.
This year, I got rid of it in hopes to order SitSpots for my new room.
I'm SOOOOOOO excited, I ordered my SitSpots today!
As soon as they arrive, I'll share them with you!
I ordered the bright blue and lime green colors for my new theme.
SO much cheaper than purchasing a rug.
I love the fact I am able to reposition and use them year and year without damaging the floor.
Click here, here, or here to read more!
Have a safe and Happy 4th!


  1. Hi Kacie, Your new room is going to be beautiful! I'm a little sad you're moving up to 2nd, though new adventures are always good. I, too, am considering some sit spots– I ordered the sample to see how it works. Kidpeople Classroom
    p.s. Did you read Carolyn's Funny Kid Friday post- another hysterical one! Later...

    1. Hi Kathleen!
      My sit spots came in SO QUICKLY! I was pretty impressed with the shipping! I haven't tried them yet, but I can't wait to get everything organized and in my new room to try them out!

      I'll have to back track and read up on her post! I've been on a little blogger hiatus this week- just mainly active on FB. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. One year I tried hanging a shoe organizer. It got the job done but isn't it for the long haul. Some kids were tough on it. Could you find a cute table for the mailboxes? I've done that when the counter wasn't an option.

    1. The shoe organizer is a great idea, too! It reminded me that I actually have a double sided pocket chart that hangs on a stand.. hmmm.. I also *may* have a spot for a table, too. I'll have to see what works next week! Thanks for the ideas and stopping by!

  3. I use plastic file trays for mailboxes. They work great and you can stack them in many different ways. :o).

    Roxygirl Teacher
    Rockstar Math Teacher

    1. Plastic file trays are a great idea! I haven't quite decided WHAT to do yet! Thanks for the suggestion and stopping by! :)