Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tech Tuesday & another Periscope App Slam!

Welcome back to #techtuesday! I'm excited to bring you another #appslam on Periscope today at 6 p.m.! Join me by following me @Second_Grade_Sizzle
Each Tuesday I'll post something #techy on my blog that we're up to in the classroom or a new #techtool or #techtip I hope you'll join me by linking up below!
Before we dive into this week's #appslam I wanted to share an amazing resource with you!
Have you heard of ThingLink?
With ThingLink, you can create interactive images to use for multiple purposes!
In my 2nd grade classroom last year, my students each created a ThingLink to culminate their animal research. Each student selected a photograph of their animal, one video that they had watched while researching, an article they used as a reference, and their typed research report.  
Although the research report is inaccessible for privacy reasons, you can check out an example of a ThingLink created by one of my 2nd graders last year below.
The possibilities for ThingLink are endless! You can create student portfolios, classroom or group collaborative projects, assessments, exit tickets... SO.MUCH.MORE.
This site is FREE, safe, easy to use, and the students do not need their own account, they can use yours!
Now... onto today's #appslam



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